“Marketing Copywriter, Marketing Copywriter Salary”

What Does a Marketing Copywriter do?

A marketing copywriter is a person who is responsible for creating top notch persuasive and creative content that urges customers to buy clients’ goods or services. The content created is normally used on different marketing platforms such as television, radio and print. To qualify for this job, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in English, Communication, Advertising, Journalism, Marketing or Advertising. You will also have a better chance of securing the job if you are knowledgeable about your employer’s industry.

Marketing Copywriter Salary for Digital Marketing Copywriter

Marketing copywriter salary normally depends on a person’s educational background. In May 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that copywriters working in advertising, public relations and other related fields earned a mean wage of about $77,450 annually. A digital marketing copywriter with knowledge about the new social media marketing strategies has an added advantage and normally earns more than those who do not.

Job Description

Marketing copywriter jobs entail the creation of very persuasive content that is meant to promote a business’ goods and services.  The content is then used on different broadcast and print platforms to enable it to reach as many customers as possible. To make the content more persuasive and attention-grabbing, copywriters use sound, visual, graphics and music components.


One of the duties of a content marketing copywriter is to learn more about the business they are trying to market. It is in the marketing copywriter job description to talk to the client and understand what their business is about and which products or services they want to market. It is also very important for a copywriter to find out which marketing vehicles the client intends to use to present the products and services to the public. Is it newspapers, television, radio, email marketing or magazine ads?

The other duty of a freelance marketing copywriter is meeting with multimedia professionals to find out which visual and sound elements would work best with the content created. It is also important for the copywriter to meet with the art director to discuss style and copy length. All this is critical for coming up with high quality effective content.

Once the direct marketing copywriter has gathered all the necessary information, the next thing they need to do is to start creating the content. The process might include a number of rewrites to make it more effective, attention grabbing and persuasive.


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